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"I don't want to ever go to another role where I don't have this level of visibility.”

Jeff Broderick, Senior Director of Product Operations, Acquia

"Jellyfish helps me provide the data, instrumentation, and insights I need to talk to my business counterparts. I've never had that before."

Madhav Nair, SVP of Engineering, ZoomInfo

Customer Stories

Toast automates data-driven performance measurement for continuous team optimization

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Buildium increases engineering utilization 24% by aligning engineering with strategic business objectives

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Jobvite increases Engineering throughput by 80% with Jellyfish

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Salsify improves profitability with cost capitalization and focuses teams on R&D innovation

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Jobber improves operational efficiency and team productivity with Jellyfish

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Optimizely leverages Jellyfish to streamline R&D cost capitalization and product operations.

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How Acoustic Used Jellyfish for $80K Contractor Savings & Increased Product Predictability 35%

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How Submittable Aligned Engineering to the Business, Boosted Sprint Health and Improved Jira Hygiene

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How Skillsoft Quantifies Success for Engineering Teams

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Jellyfish is uniquely good at getting to the right levels of granularity from a holistic set of data, to help us improve team performance and investment balance.

Patrick McGarry, VP of Engineering, Toast

Jellyfish has dramatically improved our understanding of development across the business. We can easily show how resources are allocated and what trade-offs need to be made to deliver on long-term strategies.

Ron Teeter, Chief Architect and Engineering VP, Jobvite

We found that only Jellyfish provided the right balance of capabilities, connecting our day-to-day operations up to strategic level metrics with their allocation framework.

Patrick Rubieski, VP of Engineering, Buildium