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Eliminate Guesswork, Increase Visibility: How To Mitigate Delivery Risk and Communicate Trade-Offs With Jellyfish Scenario Planner

In times of economic uncertainty, engineering budgets are tight and leaders are expected to deliver more with less. Engineering leaders must make crucial decisions around how engineers are spending their time, and what projects take priority.  But, this is not always easy to communicate to the wider business. 

With a lack of reliability in modeling and forecasting deliverables in flight, and without a clear way to communicate engineering trade-offs to the wider business, engineering leaders risk inheriting unrealistic expectations and missed delivery timelines. 

But engineering leaders can now make more informed decisions with the latest addition to Jellyfish’s Engineering Management Platform: Scenario Planning. 

We discussed how the Jellyfish Scenario Planner can empower engineering leaders to accurately plan and predict the engineers required to deliver software consistently. We also dived into how engineering leaders can use Scenario Planner to arm  themselves with the language of business to effectively communicate the impact of making trade offs when prioritizing one deliverable over another.