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On-Demand Webinar

How High Growth ISVs Make Hyperscaler Marketplaces A Key GTM Strategy

Cloud marketplaces are booming, growing over 100% year over year, and representing a massive disruption to the way independent software vendors (ISVs) go to market. Almost two-thirds of companies are already procuring through this rapidly growing channel, and we’re only at the beginning. Cloud marketplace sales are predicted to hit $45 billion by 2025 as software buyers look to consolidate vendors, centralize billing, streamline procurement, and find alternative funding.

Hear from Pranay Ahlawat (Partner and Associate Director at Boston Consulting Group), Josh Greene (Sr. Manager AWS Marketplace Development), and Erik Peterson (Founder & CTO/CISO at CloudZero) as they discuss:

  • Why cloud marketplaces are such a critical piece of software companies’ go-to-market (GTM) strategy
  • How software buyers and sellers can capitalize on the Marketplace opportunity to accelerate time to value and innovate faster
  • What best practices you can start replicating today to build a GTM motion with compounding effects