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Anticipate. Build. Deliver.

Ensure alignment throughout the entire engineering organization to anticipate the future, build with efficiency, and deliver business impact.

Jellyfish is the platform for the data-driven engineering leader

Empower your teams to drive business impact

Jellyfish enables engineering leaders and managers to measure, improve and communicate the investment and effectiveness of their team’s efforts.

  • Optimize how your team’s time is invested
  • Continuously improve engineering operations & delivery
  • Enable teams to perform their best
  • Integrate business and financial strategy into your SDLC

One platform for engineering intelligence

Align engineering efforts to business goals
Understand where engineering effort is being spent to improve planning and forecasting. And make more informed decisions to align your teams with the needs of the business.
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Streamline engineering & product operations
Remove bottlenecks, improve predictability, and deliver value faster. Measure and continuously improve operational and DevOps metrics to ensure your team has the right processes, practices, and tooling in place.
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Track, improve, and communicate deliverable progress
Gain visibility into the progress or roadblocks of key initiatives. See when things are off track, weigh project trade offs, and take action to make sure teams are able to ship on schedule.
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Build and support healthy teams
Empower your team to perform its best. Use both quantitative data and qualitative sentiment to give unbiased feedback, celebrate the impact of each individual, and identify opportunities for coaching. Help build trust, and improve the focus of your teams.
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Automate R&D financial workflows
Easily integrate financial strategy into your software operations. Make software development cost reporting simpler and more accurate. Zero manual time tracking required.
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32 %
More focus on revenue-maximizing work
2.6 days
Reduction in cycle time
21 %
Faster time to market
25 %
More team collaboration

Jellyfish for

Engineering Leaders

Align the investment of your teams with the strategy of the business. Ship the right software faster. And make informed decisions for your teams to be efficient, healthy, and effective.

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Engineering Managers

Coach your team to achieve its goals. Remove blockers and bottlenecks for your team and help them deliver software predictably. And highlight the impact of their work.

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Product Leaders

Use data to inform your product strategy. Align engineering investments with the needs of the business, understand capacity for driving the roadmap, and get clear visibility into the progress of initiatives in flight.

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& Product Ops

Measure and continuously improve your SDLC processes and ceremonies, and help your teams deliver software more predictably.

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Finance Teams

Simplify your process for reporting on software development costs and ensure your reports are accurate and defensible. Drive sound financial strategy into product decision-making.

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Dive into solutions
for any team

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Your data. Our science.

Jellyfish seamlessly integrates with your existing tools, giving you the visibility you need without disrupting your workflows, cleaning up your data, or using cumbersome BI tools.

Data-driven engineering teams love Jellyfish

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