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What are
Engineering Signals?

Commits and pull requests, assigned and resolved issues, deployments and incident alerts - all provide rich data that can signal engineering work completed. We analyze these engineering signals to build a comprehensive view of what engineering teams are working on, how, and when.

The Signals We Measure

Our platform integrates with the most popular developer tools and business systems on the market, and we're continuously working on more. At Jellyfish we're always looking for new ways to push the bounds of innovation.

Your Data, Our Science

Without changing any tools, processes, or workflows your team has in place, our machine learning work model automatically analyzes engineering signals and contextual business information to assemble a comprehensive picture of the work engineering teams are doing, how they operate, and how healthy they are.


Security is a top priority, and we take every step to ensure customer data remains secure and confidential. Learn more about our security practices.

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