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Team Health

Help Your Engineering
Team Perform Its Best

Take a data-driven approach to optimize the management and health of engineering teams and improve software engineering satisfaction, achievement, and effectiveness.

Improve Team Health & Achievement

Recognize where your team shines, and when they need help. Automate data collection and analysis continuous feedback, and use an evidence-based approach to understanding and building high-performance teams.

Maximize Effectiveness

Improve the efficiency of engineering teams by measuring the right metrics and maintaining focus on strategic business initiatives.

Benchmark Your Performance

Measure the efficacy of your engineering strategy and efficiency of your team’s operations, and understand how your organization compares for the metrics that matter most to your organization.

Improve Communication

Ensure that all your engineers and managers are using common metrics and sharing insights to foster better communication and drive alignment among teams.

“Jellyfish has brought an evolution to how we utilize performance data. Now that Jellyfish reports the right metrics automatically for us, the numbers we need are just there.”

Robert McGarry, VP of Engineering