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Jellyfish for Engineering Managers

Help Your Team
Perform Its Best

Modern engineering managers are looking for data-driven approaches to planning for and coaching their teams. Jellyfish measures the alignment and performance of engineering teams, so you can make the optimal decisions for your team.

Be a Data-driven

Empower your team to perform its best; use data to define success, and measure performance in order to give better, unbiased feedback, remove blockers, and improve engineering quality and efficiency over time.

Manage Deliverable

Ensure timely releases of team projects and deliverables and diagnose bottlenecks or problems leading to delays and slips. Prioritize and communicate delivery against commitments to key stakeholders.

Improve Processes
& Sprints

Analyze operational and sprint performance in order to optimize team process, sprint planning, capacity, and workflows.

“Jellyfish has given us the ability to identify where engineers and teams are spread too thin across too many initiatives. Now we use that data to refine prioritization and make structural changes to ensure that teams can focus their efforts on the highest priority deliverables and allow each engineer to have more impact on the business.”

Jeff Broderick, Senior Director of Product Operations