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Registration Now Open for GLOW 2024

Empower your teams, gain unparalleled insights, and prepare for the future of software development at Jellyfish’s virtual summit, GLOW 2024. Registration is now open!

Virtual Summit

Let’s get GLOWing!

Register Now

In the ever-evolving world of software engineering, staying ahead of the curve isn’t just a goal—it’s a necessity. Jellyfish is on the front line of this evolution, and we’re excited to open registration for the annual event on May 15th, 2024!

What To Expect at GLOW 2024

At GLOW, we’re meticulously crafting sessions and tracks that cater to the pivotal elements of Software Engineering Leadership to bring you this year’s theme: Build. Anticipate. Deliver


How can teams construct systems and teams that are not only effective but are aligned to drive invaluable business insights from your data? This track will focus on strategies and practices that fortify your foundation with data-driven decision-making to accelerate both organization alignment and business value.


Navigating the dynamic tech landscape requires a map of the present and a compass for the future. Delve into real-world experiences of organizations that have their fingers on the pulse of their operations, allowing them to foresee what lies ahead and prepare accordingly.


Delivery is rarely without obstacles, but unity in approach can make all the difference. Learn from stories of cohesion and resilience as industry leaders share how they’ve maintained focus and efficiency to overcome delivery hurdles, no matter the circumstances.

More Than Just Sessions

GLOW 2024 isn’t just about sessions. Look forward to:

  • Inspiring Keynotes: Hear Jellyfish CEO and Co-Founder Andrew Lau, Jellyfish Head of Product Krisha Kannon, plus a handful of other exciting speakers! Last year’s speakers included innovators from Hootsuite, Workiva, ActiveCampaign, to name a few!
  • Breakout Tracks: Engage with four targeted tracks, including exclusive lightning talks just for customers. 
  • Jellyfish Product Insights: Glimpse into the future with a keynote on the Jellyfish roadmap, unveiling upcoming features and visions that could transform the way you work.
  • Connect with Peers: Hear from pioneering leaders who have integrated Jellyfish into their workflow with resounding success. Past speakers from renowned companies like Priceline, DataCamp, KnowBe4, and Bluesight will share their stories.

Don’t wait. The future of software engineering leadership is being written, and your story deserves to be a chapter that stands out.

Register for GLOW 2024 and join us in the movement to build, anticipate, and deliver better software with some of the industry’s most innovative leaders.

Are you ready to illuminate the future of engineering leadership? Let’s light up the way at GLOW 2024.

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