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Distributed Teams

Advanced Signals
for Distributed Teams

As companies and engineering organizations move toward distributed and remote work, their leaders need new and better ways to keep a pulse on what is being worked on, how these projects are going, and how they’re aligned to the direction of the business. Jellyfish addresses these unique challenges by automating visibility and mapping engineering work alignment.

Automated Visibility

Manually pulling together reports isn’t scalable for distributed engineering teams who work, communicate, and review across many tools. Jellyfish automatically analyzes engineering signals to assemble a comprehensive picture of the work engineering teams are doing.

Improved Alignment

Distributed engineering teams need to work even harder to be rowing in the same direction. Allocate your teams and resources optimally to ensure that work is aligned with strategic business objectives and across the entire engineering organization.


When your team is distributed, it’s impossible to have a sense for the work being done on a day-to-day basis. Measure performance across teams to align expectations, increase efficiencies, and standardize performance management.

Fiscal Savvy

Especially when your organization is global, independent teams work in distinct ways, are more suited to certain projects, and come at different costs to the company. Ensure your teams are having the greatest impact and attribute cost and resource allocation optimally.

"Jellyfish gives us the ability to have conversations across all teams about what’s typical, and what excellence looks like."

Patrick Rubeski, VP of Engineering