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Strategic Alignment

Focus on
What Matters Most

Ensure the engineering organization is focused on what matters most to the business. Communicate that clearly with senior stakeholders both within and outside of the engineering organization and contribute to the product strategy and company direction.

Align and Prioritize
Engineering Work

Gain complete visibility into the work that engineering teams are doing and how that work aligns with the company’s key business initiatives.

Product Strategy

Clearly communicate the engineering team’s progress, results, and constraints to the company’s executives to establish unified goals and success metrics.

Scale with Confidence

Make sure that the engineering team is investing its time and resources to the work and deliverables that add the most value to the company. Confidently scale engineering capacity to the demands of the business.

“We found that only Jellyfish provided the right balance of capabilities, connecting our day-to-day operations up to strategic level metrics with their allocation framework.”

Patrick Rubeski, VP of Engineering