Engineering Visibility.
Business Context.
Reveal where engineering is focused and how it performs. In a language the business understands.
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Engineering Management Platform

Strategic Alignment

Align engineering focus with business objectives, and inform strategic conversations with executive stakeholders.

Drive business strategy.

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Engineering Execution

Measure and continuously improve the operations of your entire engineering organization.

Fast and efficient delivery.

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Performance & Productivity

Use better metrics to optimize the performance and productivity of engineering teams.

Maximize team performance.

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R&D Cost Capitalization

Automatically report on product development resourcing for finance in an auditable way.

Improve the bottom line.

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How It Works

Engineering Signals

Commits or pull requests in Git, assigned or resolved tasks in issue tracking tools, all can signal units of work completed. We layer engineering signals to build a comprehensive view of what engineering teams are working on and when.

Business Context

Contextual business data from product planning and roadmapping tools, calendars and human resources software enable Jellyfish to accurately map how engineering work and resources are being allocated.

No Process Change. Period.

Jellyfish analyzes data from the tools your team already uses, with no manual inputs. No training coaches, no process change or change to your workflows. Let your team do what they already like doing, and we’ll turn those signals into actionable insights.

Jellyfish works with your existing tools

Google Sheets

Jellyfish integrates with tools like Jira and GitHub to automatically surface insights designed to help engineering leaders understand what the team is working on, how they are invested against strategic goals, and how they are performing against day-to-day metrics.

See how Jellyfish enables strategic alignment and engineering performance

Align Engineering Work With Your Business Priorities