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Jellyfish DevFinOps; Automated and Defensible R&D Cost Reporting is here

Jellyfish is excited to announce the general availability of Jellyfish DevFinOps as part of the Jellyfish platform.

Adam Harris | October 18, 2022

Engineering Planning During Uncertain Economic Times

Kevin examines how budget planning changes for engineering organizations during uncertain economic climates.

Kevin Dallaire | September 14, 2022

Bringing Balance to Your Metrics Strategy

Leaders agree that balance is key to any engineering metrics strategy.

Kevin Dallaire | August 31, 2022

Engineering Leadership Insights

News, lessons, and insights in the world of engineering management.

Jellyfish News

Jellyfish: Why I was Born in the Bay but Started a Company in Boston

Andrew Lau | May 11, 2020

Why we chose to start a company in the thriving tech hub of Boston over Silicon Valley...

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Jellyfish News

Growth and the Road Ahead for Jellyfish Engineering Management Platform

Andrew Lau | May 5, 2020

Jellyfish announces exciting growth and adoption of its Engineering Management Platform along with funding from Accel, Wing, and Pillar to help leaders align engineering decisions with business initiatives.

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Team Management

How Engineering Leaders Are Thinking Now That EVERYONE Is Remote

Evan Klein | April 14, 2020

At Jellyfish, we’re fortunate to work with many industry-leading engineering leaders and their teams, so we’ve turned to them for some advice. We asked them about the changes they’ve faced and how they faced them.

Distributed Teams


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Team Management

What to Expect At Different Engineering Team Stages

Evan Klein | April 8, 2020

One of the most common questions we field from Directors of Engineering to CTOs, especially when they’re in a new role is: what should we expect and plan for at the different stages and sizes of the engineering team; what are some of the common challenges that you see at our stage?

Distributed Teams

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Strategy & Planning

Engineering Leadership – The Key Ingredient That’s Always Forgotten

Andrew Lau | March 30, 2020

Engineering leadership is about more than managing people and delivering software faster. One skill can help with everything else…

Strategic Alignment

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