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Technical Titles: Are You a CTO or a VP of Engineering?

The roles of CTO and VP of Engineering (VPE) are often used interchangeably. While title shouldn’t matter, there are meaningful differences in the responsibilities and functional expertise needed to perform these two essential roles in a company. Which is a better fit for you?

NEWSFLASH: Your CEO Doesn’t Give a Flying Fortran About Velocity

If you’re a VP of Engineering who proudly shows improving Velocity and related metrics to your CEO, watch out! Your CEO probably doesn’t know what she is signing up for and certainly doesn’t care about actual story points or Velocity, so showing these to her is only decreasing her trust in your ability to do the job.

What is R&D Cost Capitalization and How Can it Help?

Breaking down development costs for your CFO or finance team is probably not why you signed up to lead an engineering team. But it can be strategic for the success of your company, helping increase valuations and attract investment. Learn about how that works and why you should care.